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Jackpot! 2 Devil May Cry Action Figures That Prove Dante Is the Best

Alright, baby! The hero of the landmark video game, Devil May Cry IV comes home in two new and innovative ways. Collectors and gamers will salivate when they see these two Dante action figures for the first time.

Start with the Devil May Cry IV Dante 1:6 Scale Action Figure. This surprising figure comes with exciting features that are rare at this scale. Standing almost a foot tall, Dante not only has four pairs of interchangeable hands but is also sporting a shocking 32 points of articulation! But that is just the start of the features. Wearing an extremely detailed, tailored cloth outfit, including his trademark red coat, Dante is outfitted for action. A wide assortment of weapons accompanies him, including one Rebellion, one Ebony, and one Ivory. The figure even comes with a stand for easy display.

Once you’ve wrapped your head around that one, take a look at the Devil May Cry IV Dante Luxury Version 1:6 Scale Figure. This Luxury edition is even more exciting than the first. Still included are all the same accessories and parts, but this one has something up its sleeve. In addition to the standard goodies, this Dante has both a regular figure stand, as well as an exciting sculpted diorama base to bring the action up another notch!

Both figures can pose in any way, from aggressive to majestic, and include all the accessories you could possibly need. Outstanding action figures such as these flesh out any collection in the most fashionable way. Order yours today on Entertainment Earth!



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