Get the Wayne Mansion Aesthetic with Shakespeare Head Bust Bank

Batman Classic 1966 TV Series Shakespeare Head Bust Bank

Zounds! You’re one step closer to Bat-pole installation with this Shakespeare head bust bank from the 1966 classic Batman series!

It may look like a regular part of your Bardolatry collection, but this nifty bust has a hinged head that flips back, revealing button, dial, and a coin slot. Okay, loose change to Bruce Wayne is probably more like hundred dollar bills than quarters and dimes, but we can’t all be billionaire playboy philanthropists. The bank is cast in vinyl and painted to look like bronze. Fortunately, there is a small access door hidden in the base, so you getting at your fortune won’t break the bank.

You can pre-order this unique collectible for yourself at Entertainment Earth. Revolving bookcase electronics are not included.

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