The Dark Knight Is Getting Pretty Animated

batman animated bust

Evildoers beware, the Dark Knight is here. From the cels of Gotham to your home comes the Batman Animated Series Batman Bust.

Directly from the revolutionary television series Batman: The Animated Series comes an amazing line of 6-inch resin busts. The Caped Crusader stands with arms crossed, set in determination.

The show’s distinctive style is present in the sculpt and art-deco base of this piece. Sculpted by Stever Varner Studios, this wonderful bust also includes a certificate of authencity.

Keep your eyes on the horizon because Batman kicks of a line of busts featuring his friends and foes, depicted just as you remember them from the cartoons.

This delightful bust of the beloved Bat is currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with arrival slated for September 2015.

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