Brilliantly Carved Doctor Strange Comes to Marvel Gallery Collection

Marvel Gallery Dr. Strange Statue

The Marvel Universe is on the top of the world right now, carving out a significant portion of popular culture. With all eyes on what Marvel will do next, more and more classic characters that have only been appreciated by comic book fans are reaching the mainstream each day. Doctor Strange, Marvel’s supreme sorcerer, is perfectly positioned to become the next center of attention.

Now, the respected collection of the Marvel Gallery is expanding to include this amazing Marvel Gallery Doctor Strange Statue. Doctor Strange is using his socerer’s powers to hover in mid-air, right over a giant Eye of Agamotto. He is casting a complex spell, his feet not quite touching the display stand beneath him. The pose is clearly inspired by gorgeous comic book art, taking the artistic liberties and exaggerations so familiar in the genre.

This statue is expertly detailed and hand painted, carved out of durable and high quality PVC. Coming in at 9-inches tall, this statue is right on scale with other Marvel Gallery and Femme Fatal statues.

This highly detailed sculpt is an ornament in any collection. The passion and power of Dr. Strange comes through the vivid depiction of his facial expression and magical powers. The illusion of floatation, while easily decoded, is a lasting touch, making this an excellent conversation piece. You can pre-order your Marvel Gallery Doctor Strange Statue now at Entertainment Earth!

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Dr. Strange Statue



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