Feel the Heat with the Exclusive Predator Thermal Bust Bank

Predator Thermal Bust Bank Exclusive

Put on some heat vision goggles and get ready to save with the Predator Thermal Unmasked Bust Bank – Entertainment Earth Exclusive from Diamond Select!

He might be one ugly money saver, but he’ll protect your loose change better than anyone else.

This fantastic, functional bank shows the unmasked hunter as if you’re looking at him with thermal goggles on. His heat signature radiates off him in a wide array of accurate colors. He comes in green, yellow, red, and blue.

He has a growl on his face, ready to ward anyone off from trying to get to your money. His mandibles are out and he’s armed with his shoulder cannon at the ready.

The detailed sculpt by Eli Livingston will impress any fan. All you have to do is insert coins in the slot in his back and remove them through the door in the base.

Limited to 3,000 pieces, this unique bust bank is currently available deep in the jungles of Entertainment Earth and expected to arrive in March 2016.

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Predator Thermal Bust Bank Exclusive



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