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Digivolve with This Digimon Agumon Action Figure

One of the cutest and most beloved Digimon characters, Agumon, now has the ability to digivolve right in your hands. The new Digimon Adventure 01 Wargreymon Agumon Digivolving Spirits Action Figure is first in a new line of cutting-edge transforming action figures by Bandai. Not only is this figure highly articulated but you get two figures in one!

In its original form, Agumon is the cutest Tyrannosaurus Rex you’ll ever see. Those big green eyes and oversized claws are enough to melt anyone’s heart. It’s bright orange plastic exterior and great posability do a great job bringing to life this cute little dino. You wouldn’t even realize this action figure could transform just by looking at it unless you take a peek under its claws. Hidden below you get a glimpse of silver die-cast claws belonging to its digivolving spirit, WarGreymon!

Had enough playtime with Agumon? With a few simple moves, you can transform this action figure into the ever impressive dragon Digimon, WarGreymon! Known for its super-metal armor, this Digimon is accurately showcased once transformed. Its armor is made from die-cast pieces to really bring it to life with silver claws, dragon helmet, and chest plate. In this form, this action figure stands tall at about 6 1/2-inches tall and is highly articulated. Such a treat for any collector out there that has a knack for recreating epic battle scenes.

You’ll finally be able to digivolve your very own Digimon with this amazing action figure. Go from cute to epic with a quick transformation to keep your collection fresh whenever you want to shake things up within your display.

Getting two action figures in one is not an easy feat but the Digimon Adventure 01 Wargreymon Agumon Digivolving Spirits Action Figure does a fantastic job. It is currently available for pre-order and is an absolute treat for any Digimon fan and collector.

What other Digimon characters do want to Digivolve? Let us know in the comments.




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