Couple Recreates Meet-Cute of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians in Cutest Engagement Photos Ever

Cinderella and Prince Charming, Belle and Beast, Ariel and Eric, Aladdin and Jasmine, Rapunzel and Flynn. There have been a lot of great Disney couples over the years.

One of the best couples, however, isn’t even royalty. 101 Dalmatians’ Roger and Anita are wonderful and they also have one of the greatest meet-cutes in all of cinema!

Real life couple Corinne Jones and Tony Collier decided to recreate that scene for their engagement photos. Need a refresher?

The photos, done by Rusty Lion Art, swapped out Pongo and Perdita, two Dalmatians, for Jones and Collier’s dogs, Izzy, a mastiff mix, and Mookie, a black lab mix.

Everyone involved seemed to be totally on board and having a great time.

The couple revealed to BuzzFeed Life that they’ve always been big Disney fans. Their first vacation together was to Walt Disney World and they both worked at the Magic Kingdom after graduation.

So why Roger and Anita? Jones explains: “I’ve always loved that Roger and Anita were not the typical fairy tale — they were believable characters who didn’t just come together merely by wishing on a star and casting a magic spell. Pongo had to take the first step.”

They dressed up like the characters, recreated every scene, and even doused themselves with water! Now that’s what I call commitment.

The reaction has been great. Jones reveals that they have “received a lot of positive feedback and we love seeing fellow Disney fans enjoying the photos.”

It’s not hard to see why. This is one of the most creative, adorable, and fun photoshoots I’ve ever seen, engagement or otherwise!

What do you guys think of these great photos? Sound off in the comments!

Source: BuzzFeed Life



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