Magic Is at Your Disposal with These Disney Beast Kingdom Statues

Beast Kingdom introduces the D-Select series! This allows you to put together the Disney diorama of your dreams and recreates classic movie characters and scenes with expert professional techniques. From the character’s expression to minute scenes details, the D-Select series provides collectors with a detailed, exquisite addition to their collection.

The Big Hero 6 D-Select Series DS-003 6-Inch Statue – Previews Exclusive recreates the scene from the film where Baymax chases a ball. This 6-inch diorama draws on elements of the lab from the movie. From the old concrete walls to the mechanical arm, to the toolbox, to warnings on the walls and floor, everything is recreated in detail from the movie. This diorama is also hiding a secret: a Megabot hiding behind the walls. Its innocent smile will make you happy about the level of detail! Even the specially designed platform and logo tag will give you a pleasant surprise.

The Disney Tsum Tsum D-Select Series DS-002 6-Inch Statue – Previews Exclusive recreates classic moments from the animation, complete with adorable classic characters! Perfectly combines a delicious chocolate house and classic characters into a 6-inch space. From the chocolate house to the adorable roly-poly Tsum Tsums, everything is exquisitely detailed and painted, adding a feeling of realism to the statue. Additionally, the characters lively expressions add a feeling of life to the characters. The special logo tag and platform adds extra adorable value for collectors.

The Zootopia D-Select Series DS-001 6-Inch Statue – Previews Exclusive faithfully recreates the scene where the animals meet on the street. Minute detailing combined with fine painting perfectly translates each detail into 3D. The fine painting brings Nick, Judy, Flash, and Finnick to life in front of your eyes! The special logo tag and special platform design complete the overall feeling of the figure.

Finally, the Lilo & Stitch D-Select Series DS-004 6-Inch Statue – Previews Exclusive brings you the popular character from Lilo & Stitch: Experiment 626 (Stitch) in his daily life in traditional, sunny Hawaii! The 6-inch statue concentrates the warmth of the Hawaiian islands, and the detailed design and fine painting bring Disney to life, shake himself off, and take Scrump through the swaying palm trees and colorful flowers of the island, all while happily singing a traditional song. The special logo tag and special platform design add depth and a feeling of liveliness to the statue.

All four of these adorable statues will be available in January 2018. Place your pre-orders with Entertainment Earth now!



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