Disney Box Office Domination Continues


Everyone knows Disney has a way with franchises. Not only do they own the animated realm of feature films, but they also have Marvel films crushing the box office. Let’s not forget our friends from a galaxy far, far away blasting their way into the record books with the Star Wars franchise. In 2016, with the help of films like Captain America: Civil War, Finding Dory, Jungle Book, Doctor Strange, Moana and Zootopia Disney was primed to break global box office records. That’s all before the little film called Rogue One debuted earlier this month.

We reported a few weeks back that the industry record of highest grossing global box office had previously belonged to Universal Studios. They earned $6.89 billion last year with huge mega movies like Furious 7 and Jurassic World. Disney’s Rogue One has been in theaters for twelve days and has already earned $340.8 million and should hit $350 million before the end of the day today. That pushes it passed Suicide Squad ($325.1 million) and Batman v Superman ($330.4 million). Worldwide, Rogue One has hit $615.9 million.

Disney is set to dominate the box office next year as well with two Marvel Studios films (not including Spider-Man: Homecoming) and another installment in the Star Wars saga. The competition will be fierce with a new Fast and Furious film coming out, as well as Justice League and Wonder Woman coming out in 2017.



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