Do You Want to Go Ice Skating with Your Favorite Sisters?

Frozen dolls

If you love Disney’s Frozen, get ready to love the Anna and Elsa Ice Skating Dolls!

Recreate the heartwarming moments from the popular film with these 2 beloved sisters ad dolls that measure approximately 14-inches tall. Do you want to go ice skating?

The Elsa Ice Skating Toddler Doll showcases a youthful Elsa, ready to skate on the ice with her younger sister Anna. Her adorable outfit is easily recognizable from the film and she comes with an elegant tiara and a lovely blonde braid. She comes with light blue removable play ice skates.

Elsa’s younger sister is also available as the Anna Ice Skating Toddler Doll. She wears her childhood outfit from “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” alongside removable play skates in pink. Anna has a golden tiara and her iconic two red braids.

These delightful dolls of the beloved sisters are currently available at Entertainment Earth.

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