Emotions from Inside Out React to The Force Awakens and Get Their Own Honest Trailer

The lovable emotions from Inside Out are at it again!

In two videos that are making the rounds, the latest smash from Pixar, about the emotions inside 11-year Riley’s head, is front and center.

First up is a video that I think we can all relate to right now: the five main emotions reacting to the recent trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

What makes this video especially great is that it was made by Disney themselves! Disgust is particularly funny (not surprising since Mindy Kaling crushed it in the film and we should have gotten more of her), sassing Anger and exclaiming how stressful the trailer is (seriously).

The second video is one we’re all pretty familiar with: Honest Trailers.

As always, the sarcastic narrator is here to point out flaws and funny instances (like how do emotions feel other emotions and the fact that abstract thought probably went way over kids’ heads) but even he can’t hold it together when it comes to Bing Bong. But can anyone?

The honest names for the characters are great too, as is when they list several other emotions we have, such as “that feeling you get when you pull dried glue off your fingers.”

I love the humor of Honest Trailers, mostly because it doesn’t feel malicious most of the time, and this is another great go.

What do you think of these fun videos? Sound off in the comments!

Source: The Disney Blog, Screen Junkies



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