Los Angeles Artist Gives Disney Animated Classics a Tim Burton Twist

One of the most visually striking auteurs of recent history is director Tim Burton. From his stop-motion animated films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride to his equally quirky live-action films like Edward Scissorhands and Big Fish, Burton has established himself and his films as recognizable and iconic.

Now, Los Angeles artist Andrew Tarusov, has taken Disney animated classics and put a Burton-esque spin on them. And the results are truly impressive!



When talking with BuzzFeed, Tarusov explained the mash-up: “I love Tim Burton’s style — how it looks vintage, stylish, and cute. Everything is made as a horror movie, but at the same time it’s not horror. It could be any genre.”

He’s a self-proclaimed Disney fan, as seen by his official website, where you can browse more of his art.

Check out the rest!







What do you think of these posters? Would you like to see any other Disney films with a Tim Burton twist? Sound off in the comments!

Source: BuzzFeed



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