Doctor Who TARDIS Serving Platter Gives Your Food Some Time Lord Flair

Wood’s not the only thing the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver can’t handle.

“It doesn’t do turkey,” the Eleventh Doctor told Clara, who was desperate to get her bird done for dinner in the 2013 Christmas episode, “The Time of the Doctor.” “Nothing does turkey.”

Turns out, the time winds do. But for those of us who can’t use “vortex cooking,” the ingenious dinnerware designers at Vandor cooked up the next best thing: the Doctor Who TARDIS Embossed Serving Platter!

Measuring about 10-inches wide and 16-inches long, this charming ceramic platter is shaped like sci-fi’s most celebrated time-and-space machine and features a relief image of it, outlined and decorated in white. It’s the perfect way to present your next holiday turkey in timey-wimey style.

Let’s Talk More Than Turkey

Don’t use your TARDIS platter just once or twice a year.

Load it up with jelly babies, Jammie Dodgers, and dishes of fish fingers and custard for your next Doctor Who viewing party. (Oh, and bananas, too – don’t ever forget to bring a banana to the party!)

Serve a soufflé that’s too beautiful to live on it.

And, in the fall of 2018, pile it high with whatever the incoming Thirteenth Doctor’s favorite food turns out to be!

The TARDIS Platter Instruction Manual

The TARDIS platter is safe for your microwave. We make no promises about the time winds!

It’s also safe for your dishwasher, so you’ve no excuse for not keeping it clean in between festivities. Display it proudly in your kitchen or dining room as a year-round profession of love for everyone’s favorite Time Lord.

It won’t speed up the time it takes your poultry’s timer button to pop. It can’t make the carcass bigger on the inside so it will hold more stuffing. But the Doctor Who TARDIS Embossed Serving Platter remains a must-have for all culinary-minded Whovians.

The Doctor’s TARDIS can “vworp-vworp” its way to any point in time and space. But the only place this serving platter is materializing is right here at Entertainment Earth! So pre-order yours today and make your next turkey a (temporary) member of the TARDIS crew!



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