These Pop! Vinyls Have a Power Level Over 9000


Your Pop! collection is about to go Super Saiyan with these Dragon Ball Z Pop! Vinyl Figures. Vegeta, Goku, Cell, Frieza, Piccolo, and an Entertainment Earth exclusive glow-in-the-dark Super Saiyan Goku are headed your way.

GokuSuperSaiyanI02Bad-guy-turned-good-guy Vegeta is your Saiyan Prince and he has never looked cooler. Arms crossed, eyebrows down, he’s ready to take on anyone who gets in his way. But don’t forget the protagonist, Goku! There are two versions of Super Saiyan Goku in this collection, with his fists clenched for a fight. The Entertainment Earth Exclusive Super Saiyan Goku Pop! glows in the dark and there’s nothing cooler than that. Rounding out our good guys is Piccolo, another villain turned hero. With his familiar green skin, this Namekian Piccolo definitely pops!

This collection also features some of the biggest villains from the series. From the Cell arc comes Perfect Cell, looking just as fearsome as ever. His wings and insect-like appearance are evident in this Pop! and recognizable to every fan. Lastly, from the Namek arc, comes big bad Frieza. This 4th and final transformation Frieza Pop! is minimalist and definitely sends out villainous vibes.

There’s only one certainty in life: these 3 3/4-inches Pop! Vinyls are brimming with power and ready to go on display! With bright colors and fun details that resemble their manga and television counterparts, they make the perfect addition to your Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z collection. They may not always be on their best behavior, but they’ll always bring some awesome to your collection. Get them now to become the true Prince or Princess of the Saiyans!

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