Award Yourself with these D&D Mounted Head Trophies!


Whether you grew up huddled around a table in your school library during recess playing the greatest, most interactive role-playing game ever devised, or you just learned about it on Season One of Stranger Things, the rich world of Dungeons and Dragons is a part of your popular culture DNA. The landmark game that spawned cartoons, board games, video games, and movies is one of the cornerstones of the collecting world. It’s safe to say that without the world of D&D, the world of video games, comic books, and movies wouldn’t resemble anything like it does today.


Now you can take this opportunity to celebrate your love for Dungeons and Dragons or just to decorate your home with something really, really cool with these amazing trophy plaques. This Dungeons & Dragons Mind Flayer Trophy Plaque is the perfect way to show off your kill from the moist caverns of Underdark. Looking rather like a cross between a Cthulhu, and a vampire, this trophy will impress anyone who has had to deal with this monstrous humanoid.


Or, you can show off a slightly more traditional kill with this Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon Trophy Plaque. This impressive specimen of dragon comes straight from the Dungeons & Dragons: Giant Hunters web series, which offers a sneak peak of the new D&D storyline, Storm King’s Thunder. The classic design is instantly recognizable as coming from the D&D world.

Both impressive trophies are made out of foam rubber and latex and are carefully hand painted. Looking exactly like a movie prop, these trophies measure about 32-inches tall, 18-inches wide, and an impressive 24-inches deep. They come with everything you need to mount it to the wall to show off your brave deeds except the scars to prove you were there. You can pre-order these top-rate collector’s items now from Entertainment Earth!



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