This Extremely Popular Vinyl Art Toy Is Hot Garbage

Are you caught in a waking nightmare? Is your life a total and utter disaster? Then we have the perfect vinyl figure for you. The extremely popular Dumpster Fire Vinyl from 100% Soft is the literal hot garbage you need in your life right now.

Based on the Truck Torrence gif and pin design, this mainline figure offers a cheerful disposition to a world set aflame. The kawaii trash measures 3 1/2-inches x 3 1/2-inches x 2 3/4-inches and comes in a collectible box, or you could also say it’s your existential crisis wrapped in cute packaging. It’s up to you.

Get the Dumpster Fire Vinyl before It Goes up in Flames

The previous exclusive variants of this feu de benne sold out as fast as your love life crumbled when your date found out you “play with dolls.” So, make sure to get this adorable rubbish as soon as possible because it’ll be gone in a hot second.



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