The Dark Knight Gives Us the Coolest Way to Play Chess

Batman Chess Set

Collector chess sets don’t get more detailed and exciting than this! 32 of Gotham’s most iconic character take to the checkered board to battle for the city’s soul. Now you can collect the entire set in one package with the DC Comics Complete Batman Chess Set.

Batman and Catwoman lead the forces of justice as king and queen. And the evil side is led by the chaotic duo of The Joker and Harley Quinn. But the characters don’t end there! Every position on the board is taken by a comic character ready for battle. The traditional game of chess has never looked so good.

The pieces are each detailed collector’s items unto themselves. They are 1:25 scale figures, each worthy of individual display. They sit on top of a raised chess board, with sides rendered to look like the top of a Gotham City skyscraper.

You can’t find a more intricate and detailed set of action figures in one collection. Taken one at a time, you would want to add each figure to your collection. Altogether, the chess set makes a harmonious way to display an amazing collection. Pre-order yours with free shipping from Entertainment Earth today!

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Batman Chess Set



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