Bring the War of the Ring Home with the Lord of the Rings Chess Set

Lord of the Rings Chess Set

Based on personal experience, I’d say that the Venn diagram of Lord of the Rings fans and chess players is almost a circle. From Eaglemoss Publications comes the logical result of that Venn diagram: the Lord of the Rings Chess Set! Now you can challenge your friends and enemies to an epic Tolkienian chess battle to decide the fate of Middle-earth.

Previously released as individual pieces collectible with the Lord of the Rings Chess Collection magazine, this complete set brings together all of the 32 pieces along with the playing board. The traditional white and black pieces have been replaced with a line-up of characters from the Fellowship, the armies of Gondor and Rohirrim, and Sauron’s forces. The towers of Minas Tirith, Osgiliath, Orthanc, and Barad Dur take the place of rooks, while the Witch King of Angmar has been chosen as the queen to Sauron’s king.

Aragorn and Arwen are white’s king and queen, respectively, a decision Tolkien no doubt would have approved of. Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin form the front lines of white’s pawns, and lest you think this is a demotion from their prominent rolls in the trilogy, a pawn’s ability to reach the other side of the board and be transformed into another powerful piece is a neat parallel to the journeys each hobbit goes through.

Pre-orders are now up at Entertainment Earth with free shipping. Delivery is expected in August this year, so get in quick to grab this beautiful set for yourself!

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Lord of the Rings Chess Set



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