Ditch the Cape for This Edna Mode Statue

Superheroes do miraculous things. Leap tall buildings in a single bound, run faster than a speeding bullet, use super strength to lift cars off of people. But superheroes often don’t succeed on their own, they have help from partners or side-kicks or even costume designers? In the case of the Incredibles, Edna Mode is their first call when they need help. She designed the entire family’s super-suits and in Incredibles 2, she’s the answer when Mr. Incredible needs help with Jack-Jack’s wide array of abilities. It only makes sense that someone with that much wisdom and fashion sense, that she gets her own collectible merchandise. And this statue nails it!

The Edna Mode 1:4 scale statue perfectly captures her attitude and iconic personality. While she might be shorter than most, she’s large in character. The Beast Kingdom statue is beautifully painted and sculpted to match her on-screen presence. Edna is captured with her signature thick-rimmed round lens glasses. She appears as if she’s having an annoying conversation with Bob Parr about why capes should NEVER be part of a super’s costume.

Collectors and fans of The Incredibles need this statue for their collections. It’s a greatly detailed statue and Edna is a key figure in both films and the Incredibles would be lost without her… as would you! Order yours today or suffer the wrath of Edna Mode!



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