10 Magical Disney Traditions Statues Are Warm and Real and Bright

Disney Traditions Statues

Disney Traditions from Enesco combines the wonderful magic of Disney and Pixar animation with the folk style of artist Jim Shore.

The result is the endless amount of charming and heart-warming statues, featuring beloved characters from across the decades since 1937.

Made of stone resin, these pieces will make lovely additions to your home or office! And to help you get started, 10 of our favorite Disney Traditions statues are featured below!

» Disney Traditions Frozen Elsa and Anna Musical Statue

Disney Traditions Frozen Sisters

Sisters Anna and Elsa are the heart of one of Disney’s biggest hits, Frozen. With Elsa’s cool expression, and Anna’s free spirit, both Disney gals are depicted beautifully here! Plus, the 6 1/4-inch tall statue also plays music! Which song? “Let It Go,” of course!

» Disney Traditions Pluto 85th Anniversary Statue

Disney Pluto Anniversary Statue

Mickey’s pup celebrated his 85th anniversary last year – and he’s still looking pretty good! Show your love for this Disney dog with this great statue, measuring 5-inches tall and featuring a black and white Pluto on one side and a color Pluto on the other side.

» Disney Traditions Sleeping Beauty Once Upon A Dream Carved by Heart Statue

Sleeping Beauty Statue

“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…” Aurora shares an enchanting moment in the forest with her animal friends, dancing romantically with an owl wearing Prince Philip’s cape and hat! This statues measures 7 3/4-inches tall and comes with free shipping.

» Disney Traditions Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Log Statue

Snow White Dwarfs Statue

Taken from a scene right out of the animated classic, the Seven Dwarfs are on their way to the mine, crossing a log in their colorful outfits, axes slung over their shoulders. This wonderful statue, which comes with free shipping, is 14-inches wide x 8 1/4-inches tall.

» Disney Traditions Mickey Mouse All Decked Out Statue

Mickey Mouse Short Statue

My favorite Mickey Mouse short, “Thru the Looking Glass,” is forever remembered with this awesome 6 1/4-inches tall statue! Mickey holds several cards behind him, not unlike a peacock, with a big smile on his face.

» Disney Traditions Little Mermaid Dreaming Under the Sea Statue

The Little Mermaid Statue

“Does he love me? Does he love me not?” Ariel dreams about Eric, the handsome human she saved from a storm, as she lounges about under the sea. The piece measures approximately 6-inches x 7-inches.

» Disney Traditions Princess Brave Merida Statue

Brave Merida Statue

Merida will be shooting for her own hand! This lovely, 8 1/4-inch tall statue, depicts the Scottish princess aiming an arrow. Her family is shown on her dress.

» Disney Traditions The Lion King Just Can’t Wait To Be King Statue

The Lion King Statue

This tiny statue, measuring 4-inches tall, sure packs a loud roar! Simba excitedly thinks about the day he’ll be king and sport a handsome mane like his father.

» Disney Traditions Alice In Wonderland Changed So Much Statue

Alice in Wonderland Statue

Curiouser and curiouser… Alice fell through to Wonderland and explores among the many strange creatures and setting there! This pastel and delightful statue measures 6 1/2-inches tall x 5 1/2-inches wide.

» Disney Traditions Tangled Loyalty and Love Statue

Tangled Rapunzel Statue

Last, but most certainly not least, the Lost Princess coyly speaks with her chameleon friend, Pascal. Rapunzel looks dazzling in her pink dress, with her endlessly long blonde hair done up in a braid. The statue measures 7 1/4-inches tall.



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