New Disney Masquerade Statues Are a Tale as Old as Time

Beauty and the Beast Masquerade Statues

Belle and Beast join their fellow Disney characters at the ball with the Disney Showcase Belle and Beast Masquerade Statues!

As the trumpets announce their arrival, the massive oak doors swing open to reveal Belle and her prince (in his human appearance) dressed in their most royal attire.

Wearing her gorgeous yellow gown, Belle glows amidst all the twinkling lights. Her dress is adorned with rose details and her rose petal mask rotates to reveal her wise and beautiful face. She stands 8-inches tall and is ready for a night of romance and dancing.

The prince looks ever bit the dapper and regal hero that he is. From his blue coattails to his gold waistcoat and white cravat, he reflects who he really is rather than the beast he used to be. Standing 8 1/2-inches tall, the prince carries a rotating mask that shows his former beastly appearance.

No detail is overlooked with these statues that embellish haute couture.

There will be something in your collection that’s never been there before with the Belle and Beast masquerade statues! They’re currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with an expected arrival of January 2016.

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