Disney Princesses Are Ready for a Fashionable Ball as Art Deco Statues

Disney Art Deco Statues

The visual design style of art deco began in France, and flourished in the 1920s, 30s, 40s, before waning following World War II. It’s a style that embraces technology and symmetry, and was often associated with bold, geometrical images and luxury and glamour.

This artistic design makes a magical comeback with Enesco’s Disney Showcase Art Deco statues!

Four of Disney’s most beloved princesses are attending an early twentieth century themed ball, and they’re dressed for the part.

Disney’s first royal lady, Snow White, looks chic and fun her her blue and yellow flapper dress, complete with a red headband and cape.

Cinderella shines next, as the belle of the ball! She dons her traditional light blue colors in a bold, geometric dress and pearls.

Out of the sea comes Ariel in a purple and teal dress with a seashell pattern. She looks eager to be on land and dancing among the humans!

Last is Rapunzel, ready to leaver her tower for the party. Her purple and orange dress is draped with pearls (and her hair!) and her whole look is completed by a purple flower headpiece.

Each statue is made from stone resin and measures about 8-inches tall, except for Cinderella who’s 10-inches tall.

These fashionable ladies are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and expected to arrive in April.

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