Disney Traditions Character Eggs Are Farm Fresh

When you’re a fan of something, some of the best parts of the fandom come in the form of Easter eggs -little inside jokes or references snuck in by the creators to reward fans. But these eggs flip the script on that fun. Instead of being hidden gems in your favorite pop culture, they turn your favorite pop culture icons into actual Easter eggs!

Yes, literal Easter eggs. Well, not literal in the sense that they’re laid by a chicken (or your favorite egg laying creature of preference), more that they’re just egg shaped versions of your Disney characters. These all natural, farm fresh eggs come by the dozen, and are grade-a quality for fandom freshness. The case of Disney Traditions by Jim Shore Character Eggs includes all your favorites: Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Eeyore, Thumper, and Blossom. Even better, you get two of each!

The set of Disney Traditions was created by Jim Shore. All are hand crafted, with loads of detail, and each character has something unique about them! Mickey’s holding the eggs, Minnie with her flowers, Pooh has his honey pot, because of course, Eeyore’s smilin’, Thumper has a fun geometric design to him, and Blossom has a playful color scheme to her. If you have Disney lovers in your life, these Disney eggs are the perfect addition to their Easter basket!



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