Say the Magic Word and This Entertainment Earth Exclusive Jurassic Park Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus 2-Pack Is Yours!

He’s the character everyone loves to hate. She’s the dinosaur everyone loves to cheer on! Their time on screen may have been short, but it was more than memorable. Take home the Jurassic Park Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus Goo-Splattered Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack – Entertainment Earth Exclusive and add these two beauties to your collection today.

The bumbling computer hacker, Dennis Nedry, made a wrong turn on his way to the docks. One that would turn out to be fatal! Instead of hitching a boat ride to freedom and fortune, he ran into the venom spitting Dilophosaurus. Though she is little, she is fierce!

Nedry is dressed in his iconic yellow poncho and sports his black-rimmed glasses. In his hand, he carries the multi-million dollar shaving cream can – containing those precious dinosaur embryos. This Entertainment Earth Exclusive features Dennis covered in black goo from the Dilophosaurus’ lethal spit. The Dilophosaurus Pop! features this mighty dino with her frill fully extended. Bright colors of green, red, and yellow make this figure truly stand out.

This 2-pack comes packaged in a window display box and both figures measure approximately 3 3/4-inches tall.

Don’t delay! Get your hands on the rest of the Jurassic Park Pop!s and show your love for all things dinosaur.




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