Entertainment Earth Presents San Diego Comic-Con 2015

Entertainment Earth SDCC

The second the announcer came over the PA system and said: “Thank you for attending San Diego Comic-Con 2015,” my heart sank. It’s a sad feeling when Comic-Con comes to an end.

“Did I see all I needed to see.” “Did I get all I needed to get.” “Oh man! I gotta get a photo with that guy dressed as the T-100! Here! Hold my bag real quick!”

I’ve been going to SDCC for 15 years, and have worked the last 2 with Entertainment Earth. It’s a crazy experience. The noise, the people, the lights, everything. Just so much stuff to take in.

For those of you that were there, living in this post-SDCC blur like I am and have forgotten last week’s experience, fret not. For I have made you the solution: this super awesome video cataloging the entire weekend from the eyes of the Entertainment Earth booth.

There’s cosplayers! Lines for Zelda’s and hologram Darth Vader’s! William Shatner! Reeve Carney! Jeremy Shada! Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson! Seth Meyers! Taran Killam! Oh, and this little band called KISS. Not sure if you’ve heard of them.

For those of you that came to the Entertainment Earth Booth #2343, we thank you. For those that did not stop by, come by next year! We’ll be there!

Entertainment Earth Presents SDCC 2015!



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