ICYMI: Entertainment Earth Exclusive SDCC Videos

If you missed out on this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, we have you covered with exclusive interviews and booth tours. Check it out:

WWE Superstars Interview 

The Man Becky Lynch Drops Her Hottest Puns! Exclusive Interview at SDCC

The Man Becky Lynch dropped by the Entertainment Earth booth to talk smack and share tips for weathering Comic-Con. A four-year veteran of SDCC, The Man talks about collector milestones in her career, such as when she first saw herself as an action figure and when she first saw herself as a playable character in a video game. Aggressive, gabby, excitable, The Man is a thrilling presence at SDCC, and her pun game will slap you around like you just stepped into the ring with her.

Rey Mysterio on the Hidden Gems of San Diego! SDCC Interview with WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio!

San Diego native Rey Mysterio comes by the Entertainment Earth booth to share some thrilling tips about visiting SDCC and getting the most out of your trip. Familiar with the city and where to go once you cross the border, Mysterio doesn’t miss a chance for great eats. He also shares one of the newest Rey Mysterio collectibles and what it’s like to see collectors get excited about them.

The New Day Takeover at SDCC! Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods Interview!

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods dominate any group they join, and that includes SDCC! With uncontrollable energy, it’s impossible not to move your hips. They talk about how to walk around Comic-Con incognito to enjoy the sights and fans all over the showroom floor. With trademark enthusiasm, they share their favorite cosplays and collectibles.

The Importance of Sidekicks, Hygiene, & More with Xavier Woods!

Xavier Woods is an unstoppable force in the ring and a moving personality at SDCC. Woods talks about how he rose from being a fan at Comic-Con to being the guy people flock to for autographs. Becoming a collectible is a huge mark of success to Woods, and his thrill and positivity are contagious! Check out the video to learn more about his Pop! Vinyl collection and how he sees the importance of sidekicks in story arcs!

Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins at SDCC! The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Macho Man & More!

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins bombard Entertainment Earth with their take on the excitement at SDCC. These two avid collectors share their thoughts about surviving huge conventions and grabbing up your favorite collectibles in the process. Their fandom as collectors is clear when they nerd out about Entertainment Earth Exclusive Macho Man Slim Jim action figure! Watch the video to get hear more about their Major Wrestling Figure Podcast and their favorite collectibles from their own collections!

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