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Exclusive Burned Face Gus Fring Action Figure

Fresh off their Emmy win, Breaking Bad is raring to go with an Entertainment Earth Exclusive Gus Fring Action Figure. This highly detailed action figure is a worldwide exclusive that belongs in the homes of all Breaking Bad fans. This incredible action figure completes any set.

In this Entertainment Earth Exclusive, the Gus Fring Action Figure features the half burned face from the season four finale episode. The exclusive figure is shown adjusting his tie with half of his face missing. The burned effects from the show are mirrored with the detailed burns on the action figure. The exclusive Gus Fring Action Figure comes packaged in a special display box, Gus Fring looks all nice and dapper, but as you slide the slip cover down, poor Gus is shown with his half his face burned.

In the season four finale, “Face Off,” Walter White is in the midst of his plot to kill drug kingpin Gus Fring. In a series of murder attempts gone wrong, the final blow is a homemade explosive in a nursing home that Gus frequently visits. When it explodes, half of Gus’s face is blown off. He adjusts his tie and walks out of the room, only to collapse dead in the hallway. This striking season finale surprised fans, as the show often did.

The 6-inch burned face Gus Fring complements the 6-inch Gus Fring without a burned face as a before and after Gus Fring. Both wear one of his trademark suits and both adjust their tie. This fan favorite comes as the original 6-inch action figure and the Entertainment Earth Exclusive Burned Face Gus Fring Action Figure.

The burned Gus Fring Action Figure was teased at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and is available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

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