What Pokémon Backpack Will You Choose?

Pokemon plush backpacks

All trainers need somewhere to keep everything they need for their Pokémon adventure! Luckily these brand new Pokémon plush backpacks have got your back! With five to choose from you’re sure to find the right Pokémon companion for you!

Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle are available, along with the genetically unique Eevee. But if spooky is more your thing than cute, you can always catch yourself a Gengar! All five of these backpacks have zippered compartments with adjustable straps. They are 17 inches high, making them the perfect size to store just about anything portable you need for your journey. Their features are embroidered on, and the snuggly material makes them the perfect plushie companion.

You can pre-order any of these Pokémon backpacks at Entertainment Earth now for delivery next month!

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» Pre-order Pikachu Plush Backpack

Pikachu Pokemon Backpack

» Pre-order Charmander Plush Backpack

Charmander Pokemon Backpack

» Pre-order Squirtle Plush Backpack

Squirtle Pokemon Backpack

» Pre-order Evee Plush Backpack

Evee Pokemon Backpack

» Pre-order Gengar Plush Backpack

Gengar Pokemon Backpack



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