Now You Can Hug a Facehugger

Facehugger and Neomorph

When you think of the Alien franchise, you think of terror and suspense and of horrifying creatures out to get you. The movies are pop culture staples and with the recent release of Alien: Covenant, the franchise has awoken a new generation of fans. While you can’t necessarily bring home a pet Facehugger as a one of a kind souvenir or collectible, you can hug one and keep it on a shelf! The Kidrobot Phunny Plush series is adding two new amazing collectibles to their line of plush characters.

The Facehugger Plush comes with the egg it emerges from for some gold old fashioned wholesome fun with the family. You won’t want to stop hugging this little guy when you see it, and you can rest assured, the feeling is mutual from your new little alien friend. Word of caution: keep him clear of your face.

Not much in this galaxy gets more adorable than this Neomorph Plush. With a friendly smile filled with razor-sharp teeth, it’s no wonder he’s a selfie magnet. You’ll never have to be afraid of the monster under the bed when he’s sleeping beside you cuddling with you as you fall fast asleep.

These Alien: Covenant plush are great for adults and kids alike, I mean what kid doesn’t want a Facehugger Plush next to their teddy bear on their bed! Get yours now, before they get you!



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