Choose Your Weapon and Take Arms with These Dawn of Justice Plush Roleplay Props

Batman v Superman Plush Weapons

Want to battle it out like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice? Or do you want to just look like you’re ready to battle it out? SWAT, or Soft Weapons and Tactics, made by Factory Entertainment, are ready to equip you! Don the sword and shield of the real star of Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, with the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman SWAT Plush Role Play Weapon, sword or shield! Or, take up the mighty Batarang SWAT Plush Weapon to take on Batman’s prowess!

These weapons don’t just look right, they feel right and even sound right! Crafted to have accurate dimensions and feel when held. But they also have specifically crafted sounds, ready to make them take on that added sense of realism in play.

These weapons are soft and, for the most part, very safe to handle and rough house with. You can bring them to the home or office to reenact your favorite scene from the movie or use them in larger costumed role playing situations.

These amazing soft replicas of the real weapons used in the emerging DC Cinematic Universe aren’t available for sale yet, but you can pre-order yours at Entertainment Earth!

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» Pre-Order Wonder Woman Sword SWAT Plush Roleplay Weapon

BvS Wonder Woman Plush Sword

» Pre-Order Wonder Woman Shield SWAT Plush Roleplay Weapon

BvS Wonder Woman Plush Shield

» Pre-Order Batarang SWAT Plush Roleplay Weapon

BvS Plush Batarang



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