Protect Your Desk from the North with This GOT Castle Black and Wall Sculpture

 Game of Thrones Castle Black and the Wall Desktop Sculpture

Built thousands of ages ago by Bran the Builder in order to defend the Seven Kingdoms from the abstract horror that lies in the North, the Wall is a massive block of ice with the lone outpost of Castle Black to offer further fortification. The men of the Night’s Watch take a vow to keep those defenses in order, depriving themselves of their most human needs for the greater good. You won’t have to go quite that far to capture all the thrill and excitement with this Game of Thrones Castle Black and the Wall Sculpture!

This massive desktop sculpture measures in at a foot long, a foot tall, and 10-inches wide. It weighs in at an impressive 13 pounds. But trust me, the size is just the beginning of the impression that this sculpture makes.

The designers at HBO went above and beyond to give viewers the perfect visual representation of The Wall from the Song of Ice and Fire book series. Those visual effects have been brought to life in this sculpture. Factory Entertainment had access to the original visual effects files used to create this set from the hit television series, Game of Thrones. That makes this a carefully scrutinized and spot-on recreation of the world that you see in the epic series. The most minor details can be found in this work of art.

This 1:700 scale model of The Wall and its adjoining Castle Black go perfectly with the Winterfell desktop sculpture (sold separately). The Wall is decorated with a metal plaque inscribed with the Night’s Watch oath (oath-taking not obligatory). Each piece is individually numbered and comes with its own certificate of authenticity – though, I assure you, no one will doubt its sincerity. This very cool item can be pre-ordered with free shipping from Entertainment Earth!

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