Artist Zac Eubank Creates The Flash in a Flash

Our favorite comic book characters are often those whose larger-than-life personalities and heroic feats of bravery leap off the page at every turn. Physically however, they’re pretty confined to two dimensions. That being said, artist Zac Eubank is out to change all of that, with a little help from virtual reality technology, of course.

A speedster in his own right, this time-lapse video catches it all as Eubanks uses bold strokes to paint Barry Allen from the ground up, taking his art to a whole other dimension, pun intended. The result is a three-dimensional figure that, while maybe not a page-accurate depiction of the fastest man alive, somehow manages to capture all of Barry’s movement and signature speed within its strokes.

You can practically hear the crackling of the speed force as it jumps off of The Flash’s suit!

While VR technology is still pretty new, Eubank seems to be a quick learner, producing some truly fantastic art. Be sure to follow the Hyper RPG Twitch channel, and with any luck, there’s more where that came from.

What’s your take on this extra-dimensional Flash? What other characters would you love to see brought to life via VR? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube



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