Creative Tortoise Owner Builds Miniature Jurassic Park Paradise

Louie the tortoise is living the high life! As can be seen in the adorable video below, one talented pet owner decided to take their love of Jurassic Park and extend it to their leopard tortoise.

I love everything about this incredibly detailed creation! The iconic gate of the park stands front and center as the entrance way to this play area. The famous lettering has been recreated and there are even tiny “flames” along the side. Upon entering you get a clear view of the miniature Visitors Center. Upon closer inspection you can even make out the tiny “dinosaur bones” lining the doorway!

Louie enjoys a snack as he munches on the assortment of grass surrounding him. Beside him is a little pool which he can both drink from and enjoy swimming about in. Surrounding this enclosure appears to be “electric” fencing. One of the fences looks to be broken, calling to mind a certain T-Rex escape. Of course, what ties this whole thing together is the use of the soaring Jurassic Park theme song. The majesty and grandeur of said orchestral score elevates this video to true film status.

I hope Louie enjoys this backyard oasis for many more years to come!

What do you think of this fun creation? What kind of oasis would you give your pet?

Source: YouTube



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