‘Pulp Frozen’ Is the Gritty Mash-Up You’ve Been Dreaming Of

For a long time, Hollywood has been searching for the perfect formula for a hit movie. Producers want to get inside the heads of a mass audience, know what makes them tick, and take their money with maximum efficiency. Now, a new YouTube channel, Blended Trailers, imagines what it would be like to take two movie formulas and blend them into one, appealing to the sensitivities of both movie formulas and making for a more efficient viewing experience.

Their premier outing is “Pulp Frozen,” a trailer that takes the gritty story of Pulp Fiction, but reimagined with the loveable characters from Disney’s Frozen.

You want to see Anna pop a cap in some fool? Or see Elsa go out on an awkward date with a John-Travoltaish-Kristoff? If those scenarios don’t find instant appeal, I know you’ve been dying to see one of those trolls get shot in the face. While we would love to know if Olaf’s soul is kept inside a briefcase, it doesn’t give everything away.

As Disney continues to make live-action versions of its successful animated movies, we hope that they are paying close attention the possibilities this trailer suggests. Or, maybe Tarantino will start dabbling in animation one of these days. The contrasting film styles mix together perfectly in this adaptation.

We look forward to keeping an eye on this channel and seeing what Blended Trailer they come up with next!

Source: YouTube



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