Playmobile Playset Hacked to Bring The Witch to Playrooms Everywhere

Before Disney got a hold of them, fairytales were dark. When you go back far enough, you realize that fairytales were not only dark, but were quite real for the people telling the stories. Witches, goblins, demons, and wolves prowled about in the minds and hearts of people everywhere, haunting not only their dreams, but their waking lives. Now, thanks to the family-friendly magic of Playmobile – one of the most beloved toymakers – you can bring the dark and dreadful tale of Roger Egger’s The Witch home for your kids! Sort of.

The strikingly authentic world of 17th Century America comes to life through Egger’s horror film, where witches and their evil deeds were a nightmarish reality for so many. People didn’t just pawn off the unexplainable to a nameless evil, but they actively believed in witches as an accepted part of the world’s anatomy. The Witch relates this worldview expertly, bringing us into the mindset of the colonial Puritan.

If watching a movie isn’t real enough for you, the folks at Millionare Playboy have put together a playset of pre-existing Playmobile characters so that you can construct the story all over again. You can make the twins torture the goat, Black Phillip, with a stick! You can make the baby disappear into the woods! You can spend your day making a toy… chop wood… ominously?

We wish this commercial were real! There really is something pleasingly creepy about the juxtaposition of wholesome Playmobile toys with Puritan horror stories. What other Playmobile hacks can you make?

You can check out more photos at the Millionaire Playboy website!



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