Fan Made: Transformers Short Film Shows What Kids See When They Play with Toys

Patrick Bovin has some amazing skills with CG. Even more amazing are his memory skills. He has managed to tap into his memory to bring to life exactly how a kid sees the action when playing with toys.

In his latest short film, called The Real Deal, we see a boy playing with a couple of Transformers figures, while surrounded by dozens of others on the ground. The play starts out with the boy holding onto the toys, making them move and speaking for them. This is what an adult sees when a child is at play: manipulation and motor skills. However, a shift happens when the toys take on lives of their own. The battle between the two robots becomes animated and epic. The toys fight and transform all on their own.

This playful film captures the serious nature that play takes on when in control of the right kind of imagination. As short as this enchanting film is, it may be more satisfying than the action we’ve seen Michael Bay put on the screen using many hours more and the same characters.



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