Bring the Mysterious Assassin Katana to Life

This brand new DC Comics Fantasy Figure Gallery Katana Statue comes from the works of famed fantasy illustrator, Luis Royo, who is known for bringing to life beautiful characters that live on the border of tragic. Carrying around a sword that holds her dead husband’s soul, Katana definitely fits that mold. 

Luis Royo is known for his fantasy illustrations of female characters that show off the fragile nature with very strong details. His renditions of Katana have brought to life the soft side of this assassin. There are red splashes to give off strong defiant undertones while illustrating her skin to be very creamy and soft. This is very apparent in this new Katana statue by the juxtaposition of her defined dark outfit against her very soft face. Her expression is determined yet almost innocent with her mask removed.

While her captivating expression will draw you in it is the details throughout the statue that will leave you wanting to add her to your collection. She’s sculpted from resin showing an outfit that is smooth and sleek. There are pieces of chrome looking armor pieces sprinkled in each looking as if they are separate pieces that were assembled together. Even her boots show creases of wear and tear from cutting down any foe that crosses her path.

What I found most impressive is her themed base she’s standing on. It is a broken sign with an amazing weathered paint job. There is also a broken piece of to her left side shows steel screws jutting out. The rust painted on this piece is super convincing and makes me worrisome just looking at it pictured. Adding in the base brings this statue to stand 16 1/4-inches tall and elevates this statue to be an art piece for your collection.

If you are looking to add some artistic style with strong defiant undertones then you won’t want to miss out on this DC Comics Fantasy Figure Gallery Katana Statue. She is currently available for pre-order and comes with an art card, certificate of authenticity, and numbered edition plate. You won’t be disappointed to have her on your team to rid any potential adversaries that may come your way.



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