Stress Relief Is Just One Spin or Click Away

Do you find yourself driving co-workers crazy with the frequent tapping of your pens?

Does your leg ache from bouncing constantly under your desk?

Having problems concentrating on your studying, your work, or your conversations?

Driven to distraction by a need to move?

Fidget spinners and blocks have become a sensation and can prove genuinely helpful to those who suffer from anxiety and concentration problems. So, let’s look at a few of the more popular fidget spinner toys:

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The Trifecta Fidget Spinners feature 3 outer bearings around a center bearing that silently spin and rotate, so you can fidget without disrupting anyone around you. Made from high-quality steel bearings, they’re small enough to carry anywhere in a pocket. Choose from Classic, Glow-in-the-Dark, or Metallic. (Please note: these spinners come in a variety of colors, and we cannot accept requests for specific colors.)

For those who prefer more variety, the Fidget Block is ideal. Speaking from experience, this block is extremely satisfying, with each of its six sides featuring different forms of stimulation. A small joystick is great for gamers, while other sides feature buttons, wheels, cogs, spinning balls, a clicking switch, and an indented worry stone perfect for repetitive motion. (Again, please note: this item comes in a variety of colors, and we cannot accept requests for specific colors.)

Whether you’re at home, at work, or at school, these fidget toys are great ways to shed that extra energy, relieve stress, and concentrate. Pre-order now and you’ll be relaxed and focused in no time!



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