Finally! Keep Gotham and Metropolis Local Times Straight with these Batman and Superman LEGO Clocks!


In the wide-world of pop culture crossovers, nothing could be cooler than your favorite heroes and characters going full LEGO! Two of the cameo characters from The LEGO Movie that proved that best were LEGO Batman and LEGO Superman, in their respective roles. In fact, those two characters were so popular that, as you can imagine, fans have been screaming to take them home in an enlarged size, outfitted with an LED digital clock. How predictable.

During this, the year that super-heroes fight amongst themselves, you can show your loyalty to The Dark Knight, LEGO clock style with this LEGO Batman Clock. LEGO Batman carries the his classic swagger while letting you know how late you’re running for school with this poseable time-telling device. The arms and legs are moveable and the clock has a fully functional alarm feature.

Or, wake up on the super side of the bed with this LEGO Superman Clock. Clark Kent’s chiseled facial features and trademark hair curl complete this clock’s look. Superman is also poseable with a built in, easy to use alarm.

You can pick your favorite, or summon the power of Martha and collect both LEGO clocks. Both clocks are about nine inches tall, and are made of super-durable polycarbonate. The Superman clock may or may not be Kryptonite proof, but I wouldn’t test it. They require AAA batteries, which come with your purchase.

Collectors of the DC Universe, the LEGO Universe, and the Clock Universe will be interested in pre-ordering these items at Entertainment Earth!

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