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Firefly Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Action Figure

Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Action Figure 

Have you seen this big damn hero? The collectible Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Action Figure comes as a realistic, screen accurate, highly articulated action figure from Quantum Mechanix. The always resourceful captain of the Firefly-class space transport ship Serenity stands 12 inches tall as a 1:6 scale figure.

Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Action FigureThis highly detailed figure features every nuance of the beloved Browncoat, accentuated by the incredibly realistic renderings of Nathan Fillion. 38 points of articulation allow you to pose your Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Action Figure in an infinite number of display possibilities. This must-have collectible includes interchangeable hands, realistic clothes, and detailed props.

The titular brown coat worn by the captain is screen-accurate with functioning buttons. The coat moves with the figure, just as Mal’s coat would move with his body. His boots are made of fabric, microsuede, and simulated leather, mimicking the heavy grain and weathered leather of the onscreen boots. Mal’s clothing also includes a tailored button-down shirt, his recognizable “tight pants” with striping down the side, and fabric and simulated leather suspenders. Not to be forgotten are Mal’s PAL communication and trusty pistol.

Quantum Mechanix CEO Andy Gore said, “Creating best-in-class, realistic articulated figures for Firefly has always been a dream of ours. We aimed high to do it right. And we think this Mal figure is everything we’ve hoped it could be.”

With such an incredible facial sculpt and highly detailed accessories, this Captain Tightpants action figure is a must-have for every Firefly and Serenity fan. Immaculate craftsmanship brings the always resourceful space cowboy to your home.

Produced under license from Twentieth Century Fox, the Firefly Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Action Figure is coming in October 2014. It is currently available at Entertainment Earth with free shipping.

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