Firefly Panel at SDCC Makes Worldwide Announcement of Exclusive Serenity Slippers


On Sunday at San Diego Comic-Con, the Firefly panel shared the love of the ‘Verse with a crowd of enthused spectators. Some folks from Entertainment Earth had the pleasure of attending and we were delighted to see our friends from Toy Vault on the panel. There, for the first time ever, the Firefly Serenity Ship Oversized Plush Slippers – Entertainment Earth Exclusive were unveiled in all its plushy glory, to the delight of an audience of Browncoats.

Todd Felton of California Browncoats shared his enthusiasm with the crowd as he moderated the panel. The California Browncoats – a nonprofit organization – “shares the love of the ‘Verse” with charities, said Todd. In fact, the organization has raised over $200k for various charities since its inception.

Additionally, their booth at San Diego Comic-Con supports the Child’s Play organization, and 10 years of Can’t Stop the Serenity screenings have raised over $1 million for charity. Talk about a giving fan base!

Firefly Panel

Todd spoke about Con Man, which is “basically Firefly” – in another universe. Con Man season 2 will be available exclusively on the Comic-Con streaming service.

Zac Pensol, Project Developer at Toy Vault, then took the stage and introduced some fantastic new Firefly collectibles. It was the moment we’d all been waiting for… collectively holding our breath, we cheered as Zac announced the Entertainment Earth Exclusive Firefly Serenity slippers. Zac explained how creating the slippers was his “baby” project and that he was very proud of the end result. You can view and pre-order the slippers below.

Many thanks to Zac Pensol and Todd Felton for kindly inviting us to the panel. To next year!

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