Mega Man and Proto Man Race to Fight Evil As 13-Inch Statues

Mega Man and Proto Man Statues

In the fight against evil, there is no one you’ll want on your side more than these Mega Man 13-Inch statues from First 4 Figures!

Running to save the day is Mega Man! Rock, once a mere assistant to Dr. Light, offered to become a robot in a heroic gesture. Armed with his mega buster arm cannon and ceratanium armour, now he can fend off villains and save the day.

Measuring 13-inches tall, the statue poses Mega Man in mid-run with a determined look on his face and flames behind his grounded foot to show just how fast he’s going. It’s a fantastic piece and a must-have for any video game fan.

Before there was Mega Man, however, there was Proto Man. The first Robot Master created by Dr. Light, this robotic being initially swore loyalty to evil Dr. Wily, but now he fights alongside Mega Man.

Equipped with his Proto shield, this 13-inch statue shows awesome detail and dynamic elements, such as bullets deflecting off his shield and his yellow scarf rippling behind him.

Each statue is hand numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity. They’re available at Entertainment Earth with free shipping. Proto Man is expected to arrive in November.

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