You Wouldn’t Want to Be On the Wrong Side of His Power Cannon

Mega Man, Mega Legacy, Mega Statue!

The robotic fighting hero is larger than life as the Mega Man X 17-Inch Statue!

The Mega Man X statue is a limited edition of only 1,000 pieces, individually hand-numbered with a certificate of authenticity. The vibrant colors of Mega Man‘s original design truly pop to provide a stunning statue for your display.

This 17-inch tall statue is cast in high quality polystone and finished with a variety of techniques to create the most authentic visage possible. LED lights are built into the body to bring added life to the jets on his boots, the buster, and his helmet.

Mega Man is a highly advanced fighting robot built by the great Dr. Thomas Light. Initially, Mega Man started life as a humble human lab assistant called Rock, but took the difficult decision to upgrade his own body into a fighting machine after Dr. Light’s robotic creations were stolen and repurposed by the rogue scientist Dr. Wily. Armed with the mega buster arm cannon and ceratanium armour, Mega Man is tasked with finding and defeating Wily and his army of robot masters to stop them in their plans for world conquest.

This epic statue is currently available at Entertainment Earth.

» Mega Man X 17-Inch Statue



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