Stunning Arwing Statue Could Be More Impressive Than the Star Fox Game

“It’s about time your showed up, Fox! You’re the only hope for our world!”

In 1993, the Super Nintendo had a new generation of challengers in the console wars. This new generation ran games that had even more impressive color pallets and processing power than the legendary SNES. In order to stay competitive, Nintendo released Star Fox – a brand new kind of polygon rail shooter that brought players into the game in an addictive way they had never experienced. A few years later, on the Nintendo 64, Star Fox 64 was released to massive acclaim, giving the series its most iconic entry and showing the folks at Sony and Sega who was boss.

Commemorate one of the greatest videogame series of all time with this amazing, limited edition Nintendo Star Fox 64 Arwing 12-Inch Statue. Each highly detailed, handcrafted statue is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. These statues are painted by hand, measuring 12-inches tall and an astounding 18-inches long. It stands on the numbered base decorated with the Star Fox team insignia.

The Arwing is one of the most speedy and agile space fighters ever imagined in the universe of science fiction. They fly nimbly through atmospheres and the vacuum of space with equal ease. The skilled pilots of the Star Fox team (even Peppy) are the most elite aces in the Lylat system. This statue, expertly crafted with molded foam interiors, is the first in a collector’s series that you will want to be a part of. Pre-order yours today with free shipping at Entertainment Earth!

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