New Pac-Man Statue is as Coveted as a Power Pellet

Back when video games were just getting started, they were all possibility. They didn’t always make a ton of sense, but they featured gameplay innovation on a scale that is hard to imagine these days. Into this world, Pac-Man was born, becoming the first true video game hero. Spawning multiple spin-offs and a Saturday Morning Cartoon, Pac-Man was the first video game to create a generation of gamers.

Now, you can honor the mark that Pac-Man has left of the culture with First Four Figures Pac-Man 17-Inch Statue. This statue is an amazing homage to one of the most iconic characters in pop-culture history. Made to look like the character as he appeared on the video game cabinet art, this statue features Pac-Man in all of his jolly glory, running and celebrating his victory. He stands atop a base that looks like the playing screen of the classic game as it would have been seen on a Pac-Man arcade table in your favorite pizza parlor.

Made from high quality polystone, this statue will become the centerpiece for any collection of video game or 80’s collection. Made and packaged with collectors in mind, this 17-inch tall statue comes in deluxe, full-color packaging, with a hand numbered base, and a card of authenticity. This amazing statue can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth today with Free Shipping!

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