Colton Haynes is Arsenal in Arrow Season 3

Check out this first look and fantastic teaser image for Colton Haynes as Arsenal on season 3 of Arrow.

When fans first saw Roy Harper, played by Colton Haynes, in season one of Arrow, he was a thief. After Oliver “The Arrow” Queen saves his life, Roy Harper gains an interest in the vigilante, hoping to emulate him. Haynes’ role as Harper was recurring through the first season and he joined the cast as a series regular for season 2. In the second season, Oliver offers to train Harper to help him control his strength. Harper eventually learns the Arrow’s identity and joins Team Arrow.

Arrow Season 3 opens with the Arrow as a hero to the citizens of Starling. With safety assured, Captain Lance calls off the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Oliver relaxes and prepares to have a private life. He even asks Felicity on a date. Suddenly a deadly villain reappears in Starling and Oliver realizes he can never be Oliver Queen. At least, he can’t be just Oliver Queen as long as the city needs the Arrow.

When Roy Harper joins Team Arrow on Arrow, he wears a red hoodie without a mask. He later gets upgraded to a red hoodie with a mask. Well, Arrow fans are in for a treat with this first look of Roy Harper as Arsenal in a red duplicate of Oliver’s Green Arrow costume. The first costume photo was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and, since then, fans have been yearning for more of the “Red Arrow.” Emily Bett Richards, the actress behind Felicity, must have known because she posted a shot of Colton in costume on her instagram. Check it out now!

Is Arsenal playing Angry Birds or browsing for new deals on masks? Is Arsenal a pro photographer in his off time? We’re not sure yet but maybe Colton Haynes will post another costume teaser on his instagram!

Tune in to the Arrow Season 3 premiere on Wednesday, October 8th. Let us know what you think of this costume in the comments!



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