First Look: Reverse-Flash Fights The Flash

After the season premiere of The Flash, fans are already speculating what will happen over the course of the series. Even bigger than those questions are the questions about how the Reverse-Flash will impact the story line.

The Reverse-Flash will be making a costumed appearance on the show and new photos from the set give fans a taster of the Flash’s arch-enemy. With a yellow version of the Flash’s ensemble, the Reverse-Flash is more than recognizable. Check out the set photos featuring what looks like a fistfight between the two characters below!

But who will step into that suit? Perhaps Detective Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) will step into the supervillain shoes of comic book Reverse-Flash “Eobard Thawne” – but only time will tell.

Who will step into the yellow shoes of the Reverse-Flash? How will the Flash handle his nemesis? And what about Grodd? Share your thoughts for the series storyline in the comments!

Reverse-Flash Versus The Flash On Set



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