First Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Released

Sci fi fans were ecstatic to view the unveiling of Mad Max: Fury Road‘s trailer at San Diego Comic-Con. The 2.5 minute preview, which was screened for the Hall H audience, revealed action packed car chases, lots of explosions, and thrilling desert landscapes. As lightning and tornadoes suck up cars, blood and fire cascades down upon the heart-stopping chase.

Though the trailer is jam packed with action and drama, it still faces criticism from Mad Max super-fans for being too generic and generally unimpressive. After all, the premise seems to be of just one long chase scene. That being said, fans are hopeful that the film itself will be notable, since George Miller is directing. George Miller, the creator of the beloved original franchise, is known for being meticulous in his work, and most fans have faith that the film will indeed be quality, despite by what is considered by some a shoddy trailer.

The film stars Tom Hardy, as well as Charlize Theron, who notably shaved her hair for the role. The trailer indicates that Fury Road is some sort of prequel to Road Warrior, with its post-apocalyptic scavengers and road wars.

Mad Max: Fury Road premieres May 15, 2015.



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