The First Order or Resistance – What Side Are You On?

One of the most memorable Stormtroopers in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, FN-2199 may have only had a moment of screen time, but he certainly made the most of it. When he called Finn out as a “Traitor!” to the First Order, sparking riot baton extended, the entire theater screamed.

Now you can bring that stand out Trooper home as this Star Wars: The Force Awakens FN-2199 ArtFX+ Statue.

Or if you would rather display the traitorous Finn, this statue includes interchangeable, bonus Finn heads (both unmasked and with his distinctively blood-smeared helmet.

Also included are extra weapon pieces so you can display with riot baton collapsed or extended, a shield, a blaster, or with left arm free. Magnets are built into the statue’s feet for increased stability on the included metal base!

Whether you’re with the First Order or on the side of the Resistance, this statue is a must for your collection! Pre-order now and we’ll ship this fall!



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