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Founder of Take Your Action Figure to Work Day Shares His Favorite Figures

Contributed by Randy Ham, creator of Take Your Action Figure to Work Day:

Before I started Take Your Action Figure To Work Day last year, the question I got asked most was, ‘What is your favorite comic character?’ (for the record it’s Wonder Woman).

Now I get asked, ‘What is your favorite action figure?’ That’s a little more difficult to answer, because there are so many factors involved: scale, character, articulation, likeness, paint/coloring. I’ve seen Wonder Woman figures that are hideous, and I would never allow in my collection. I’ve also seen amazing figures that made my wallet explode. But I just can’t narrow it down to just one figure.

Luckily, the folks at Entertainment Earth let me write about several of my favorite figures, across several of my geek interests.

arrow action figure

1. Arrow TV Series Arrow Oliver Queen with Totem Action Figure

OK, I’ll admit, I’m late to the Arrow game (currently binge watching Season 2 on Netflix), but man, this show is amazing. It may be a little on the dark and gritty side, but there are some amazing nods to the DC Universe of yore (Black Canary, Brother Blood, even DEATHSTROKE).

This figure is a great representation of the Ollie of the Island, and all the things that turn him into the Vigilante/Arrow. Action figures these days have to be able to resemble living, breathing actors more often than not, and this figure is no exception. It’s like bringing a mini Stephen Amell home with you.

spider-woman figure

2. Marvel Select Spider-Woman Action Figure

I’m totally a DC Guy, but Spider-Woman has always had a special place in my heart. Maybe it was the Saturday morning cartoon (voiced by Knots Landing’s Joan Van Ark by the way) or her costume. I’m not sure, I only know that I read her comics over and over. I’m still not sold on her new costume, but we’ll see.

I like this figure because of the classic costume and the addition of the HYDRA agents. The paint and sculpt on this figure are remarkable. Even her hair looks just like I would imagine. The articulation is great, I can totally pose her preparing to strike her venom blasts in a most threatening manner.

darth vader 6-inch

3. Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader 6-Inch Action Figure

Totally cheating on this one, since it’s not out until June but COME ON. This is the action figure my 5 year old self has been waiting for ever since five year old me sat in a darkened theater in 1977 and saw Darth Vader stride into the Tantive IV blockade runner.

Look at the detail: The long flowing cape (apologies to Madonna and Edna Mode), the belt, the chest plate. The sculpt is amazing. This figure is menacing, as a Sith Lord should be. Imagine waking in the middle of the night and seeing that on your way to get a drink of water.

venture bros figures

4. The Venture Bros. Dr. Orpheus & Phantom Limb Action Figures

I LOVE The Venture Bros. and Dr. Orpheus is my favorite secondary character. I like the Mego-ness of this set, with the blister pack and cards. It’s very nostalgic, much like the show itself. Dr. Orpheus looks like Dr. Strange’s demented brother. It’s fun and hilarious. I’m a big fan of the cloth outfits as well. Phantom Limb is also present in all his twisty mustache melodramatic Bond villain glory.

wonder woman bombshell

5. DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Statue

Cheating again, since it’s a statue, but they haven’t made an action figure of this (yet). I’m a sucker for alternate costumes – when they are done right – and this one knocks it out of the park. I know Wonder Woman’s original costume was already steeped in the aesthetic of WWII and the 1940s, but I can totally see this being used in a war bond drive, or as a PSA asking women to work in the factories. It’s almost as iconic as Rosie the Riveter.

I’m also very pleased to see that the sculpt reflects a more realistic version of a woman’s body. This Wonder Woman is beautiful without hyper-sexualization. She’s strong, inspirational, and above all, that face radiates positivity. This is what heroes should be: something to strive for, someone to inspire us. I look at this statue and want to be a better person. Isn’t that what our hobbies and passions should do for us?

Now, which figure am I going to use for Take Your Action Figure To Work Day?



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